Welcome to your prison! Your home is not safe when you leave…but are you even safe at home?

Please support our cause to make Costa Rica safer. Sharing your stories is one way to help.

It’s not a matter of if you’ll get robbed, it’s a matter of when.


Real crime stories from real people who have lived and traveled in Costa Rica…these are the things that the Costa Rican tourism board does NOT want you to know. After reading these crime stories, you might think twice before moving or even travelling in Costa Rica. We are here because we love it, but if we cannot enjoy the country in peace, then what’s the point?

You’ve worked hard, saved your money, and you’re finally able to come to Costa Rica! Maybe you want to build your dream home, or stay in one of the many luxurious hotels overlooking the ocean? You’ve read about how peaceful the Costa Rican people are, how ample the wildlife is, and about the long gorgeous stretches of pristine beaches. It’s all true!

But it’s all a trap!

Come back to your car after a relaxing swim in the warm ocean water, and find your suitcases and bags gone. Spend a year building your dream home, lovingly filling it with furniture, planting exotic flowers in the lush gardens. Now it’s all perfect – welcome to your prison. Go out one morning, stop at the bank, buy a few groceries, and return home to an empty house! But there’s a police station just down the road! Surely they can help, the crime just occured! Your neighbor saw a strange truck leaving your house – even got the license plate number. You have serial numbers for many of the stolen items, and your name written on the others. No worries!
You run to the police with the undisputable evidence…and…

You’ll never see your stolen items again and the thieves will suffer no consequences! What you might not know is that there is a serious crime problem in this Costa Rica, which is ignored by the government and covered up by realtors. Most of the crimes that occur here everyday are never even pursued by the Costa Rican police. We want the Costa Rican goverment to recognize the problem and take action, or realize that they will destroy tourism – their most valuable economic resource!

Come to Costa Rica to enjoy peace, tranquility & nature…

Just don’t forget to pack your gun